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Glory In The Flower

Glory in the Flower was first published
In 1988
Original Publisher: Pocket
Genre: Gothic

Glory in The Flower Review



In the war-torn fields of liberty, a precious love flowered free . . .

Lovely Craig St. John was heiress of a splendid colonial estate, a vibrant girl who grew into an exquisite, full-blooded woman. She was as daring as the dark, dynamic Robert Glendenning, her childhood friend, and the man who branded himself forever on her heart. On the even of revolution he sailed for England, never dreaming he next would hold her in his arms as a fellow spy – in a violent, impassioned war.

Pledged to liberty and to each other, they risked their lives and fortunes for the vital patriot cause. And in the shelter of their passion, they savored a secret love most tender, proud and free. When the grim darkness of a British prison threatened to vanquish life itself, when only hope held fast to victory’s distant call, they would brave all to seize the sweetest prize . . .

Glory In The Flower Review by Rendezvous, March, 1988
Vol. IV, No. 10

“Glory in the Flower” written by Jacqueline Marten and published by Pocket Historical Romance.

When twelve year old Craig St. John lost her sense of hearing after a fall from her horse, her parents took her to Virginia to learn sign language instead of locking her in a closet or putting her in an insane asylum, which was the usual fate of deaf people.

There she meets and falls in love with Robbie Glendenning, only to lose track of him when he goes to England to study and she goes back to the family estate after regaining her hearing. This beautifully written, gentle story set in those “Times that try men’s souls,” of a love budding in early adolescence, transcending the tragedy of personal loss and the bitterness of war and finally coming to full bloom for us to “Glory in the Flower” is part of the series that includes “To Pluck A Rose”




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